Let’s face it, cat-owners. No matter how much we love and adore our furry fellows, we will never like the sight and smell of cat litter. Birdiology is aware of the struggles and is ready to help you all. Cat litter training can be difficult. However, choosing the correct cat litter box is equally important. We are offering a range of litter boxes that include a disposable litter box. These boxes are of biodegradable and recyclable materials such as paper etc. Some even contain an odor prevention coating to minimize the smell as much as possible. These are perfect while traveling with your feline friend. Another type of litter box is a covered litter box. Sometimes, it is unpleasant to see a cat peeing or pooping while you’re eating or a visitor comes. A cover on the litter box can prevent the bad smell to diffuse into your house’s environment. Cats, like us, need an appropriate place when they have to go. When deciding on a cat litter box, it is crucial that it blends into your house interior and does not stand out.

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