Help your quilled pal lead a happy, healthy, and long life by getting your hedgehog products from Birdiology. We have the best of everything you may need for feeding, keeping him comfy, entertaining, and housing your hedgehog. These mammals need adequate room in their enclosures, a deep and robust base, a chew-proof and escape-proof build, and proper ventilation. Try not to get a habitat with multiple levels as it can be dangerous for the poor-sighted creatures. We have various hedgehog cages that ensure your little pal’s safety and make choosing the right one a piece of cake. Fill the bottom with soft and absorbent hedgehog bedding to ensure the little guy’s feet don’t get hurt. Keep in mind that they love to burrow and dig, so do add an adequate amount. Give your pet a nutritious and balanced diet with our hedgehog food. We offer your pal meals with high protein and fiber to keep his health at its peak. Promote peaceful hours of sleep with the different hedgehog hideouts for comfort and privacy. Bring the cage to life with some hedgehog toys for your pet’s enjoyment and exercise. You can even try playpens to give the little guy some time out of his cage. Shop now at our online pet supplies store to ensure your pet stays well and content.

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