The canaries are popular due to their ability to sing beautifully. At the same time, Finches are famous for their vibrant marks and colors on their body. For this duo to live peacefully under one roof, try investing in a larger cage. The larger the cell, the better. A bird requires stretching and needs to flap its wings every once in a while. A small space can negatively impact your feathery friend’s mental health. Our stylish and roomy houses are what your birds want. Our birdcages even have perches and swings installed. Buy the best bird toys and canary cage supplies from Birdiology and upgrade your birdy’s cage. Just like humans get bored, birds have the same tendency. Taking care of their mental and physical health is our job. Talking about physique, our online pet supplies store offers various nutritious and delicious canary and finch food. To boost your beloved pet’s health, buy our supplements made mostly for birds. Our bird treats are something you should not miss out on. You will find the perfect seed mixtures and finch supplements required for your bird to perform and feel its best. Pamper this perfect duo with accessories to care for them. To take them on vacation, buy small transport boxes to take them with you wherever you go.

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