Dry dog food brings with it multiple benefits. First of all, the dry dog food’s dry texture supports oral health as it decreases plaque. Its crunchy material keeps your pup’s teeth healthy. It has also been noted that dry food eaters have better breath than dogs who consume wet dog food. It also avoids tartar buildup. It makes a perfect travel dog food because it does not require refrigeration. Dogs have a natural urge to crunch and chew. This urge is fulfilled by feeding them dry dog foods. Birdiology has tried to include all dog food brands that can suit your furry companion. On top of all these benefits, the cost is another area where dry dog food proves to be better than others. As it contains 10% or less moisture content, it is more economical for your wallet. Its convenience and shelf life makes it such a popular dog food choice for the majority of dog-owners. Dry dog food beats wet dog food in another aspect, energy. It is more energy-dense than wet dog food. However, it might not be the best choice for small and young dogs due to its hard texture. Trust our pet store to provide you with the healthiest dog food.

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