Choosing the most appropriate cat litter can be confusing when there are so many types available. We want to make this easy for you. Whether you need clumping cat litter or clay cat litter, you do not need to search anymore. You are at the right place. Birdiology also has unscented cat litter, also known as odorless litter. It does not contain scent agents that means it smells like clay or wood. It depends on your cat if it prefers scented or unscented cat litter. Either way, we are always available for you online. Clumping cat litter is one of the most popular choices. That is because urine and feces will remove easily due to the presence of bentonite. It makes the litter form solid clumps. This type of litter is relatively easy to remove. Other options include silica cat litter and biodegradable cat litter. We have a variety of cat litter from the top cat litter brands of the highest quality. Cat litter is of biodegradable substances that means it is environmentally friendly. It also satisfies a cat’s desire to hide its scent by burying its waste. Order your cat’s comfort now, from Birdiology!

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