There are more types of bowls and feeders for cats than you know. Cat bowls and dishes have a significant impact on your furry pet’s diet. Bowls with sharp edges might hurt your cat’s chin. Stainless Steel bowls are popular because they are re-usable. Make sure your kitty’s bowl is not too deep or too shallow. Birdiology has made sure that there are bowls with non-skid padding to prevent them from slipping while the cats consume. Birdiology has introduced automatic cat feeders as well. While traveling or away from home for a day, cat dispensers are the way to go. To regulate your cat’s feeding times, timed cat feeders are useful. However, plastic, ceramic, or glass bowls are not preferred as they can crack. Those cracks can be a home for bacteria buildup. Just like food is crucial, water is also a vital part of your beloved pet’s diet. Naturally, cats do not prefer to drink much water. However, running water sparks curiosity in them. They are more likely to drink from a fountain. To fulfill this requirement, all cat-owners should consider investing in water fountains for cats. They come in various sizes and will not occupy much space in your home.

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