There are plenty of options available for reptile owners to provide their pet with its proper lighting and heating requirements. An ideal heating and lighting system would be one that meets the animal’s requirements and is also light on the pocket for the owner. Reptiles are cold-blooded, so they need the heat to keep their metabolism at optimum levels at all times and to gain energy. Natural decreases or increases in heat can make them feel hunger, trigger mating habits, successful births, or the beginning or end of a sleep cycle. Reptiles rely on the heat in nearly every part of their lives. Out in the wild, they naturally drift towards areas with the temperature they need, which means moving into the sun or shaded areas as they deem necessary. Therefore, the owner must provide a temperature range to the reptile to choose the appropriate temperature as needed in its reptile terrarium. Now the light is also essential because it helps regulate the pet’s sleep cycle, mating habits, and health. Shop now at Birdiology to keep your reptile comfortable and healthy with our reptile habitat accessories. For incredible deals on reptile heat lampsreptile lighting, and all other reptile supplies, be sure to shop at our pet store online.

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