Every cat-owner treats their cat like a child. That is because they are! Just like kids, cats need toys to interact with. Toys seem unnecessary. In reality, they play a vital role in the mental and physical health of your furry companion. We offer a wide range of interactive cat toys because they promote exercise. Cats spend more than 50% of their life sleeping that can become a factor behind heart disease, cat diabetes, and obesity. Playing is the perfect way to workout and burns extra calories. Without anything to do, a cat can develop depression. An efficient way to prevent that is by switching up your cat’s toys by buying from Birdiology. This way, your cat will always have something positive to do in a day. It supports mental stimulation. Cats can be timid and uneasy at first. To build a bond with your cat, new foster cats should try cat toys. It will prevent hissing and scratching from both parties. They will become comfortable with each other in a short time. Playing with cat toys will promote the release of aggression. Birdiology has included cat ball toys and teaser cat toys to fulfill all of your cat’s needs!

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