Hay is vital for a tiny pet in several ways and thus, should be top-of-the-line in quality to ensure your little guys’ health. Get a variety of these dried plant materials in free form or blocks, so your companions never get tired of having the same thing over and over again. We have an extensive selection of vet-recommended pet food manufactured, keeping your pet’s nutritional needs in mind. A wide variety of flavors and textures will be sure to keep the tiny guy’s interest captured and health at its best. The ideal hay would be one with a lot of fiber to keep your companion’s digestive system functioning optimally. Timothy hay is suitable for daily use since it has sufficient fiber and low calcium and protein levels, which means good urinary tract health. Motivate natural foraging behaviors in your tiny mate with quality pet hay. In the wild, your pal would be searching for dried leaves, so introducing various grasses would encourage him to forage. This foraging will be good for his physical and mental health. We offer excellent quality hay with the desirable ratio of leaf to stem that your buddy will love. Check out our online pet supplies store for more quality small animal products and order now to get them delivered to your doorstep.

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