Sleeping on the floor is not a very comfortable way to sleep. The right dog bed from our online pet supplies store should provide equal weight distribution and support to your dog’s muscles. Pampering your pets is always worth it. Your dog will like having a particular spot for themselves only. It provides them a sense of ownership and allows them to feel safe and protected. Unfortunately, arthritis is a common issue in dogs and cats. Orthopedic dog beds are excellent at supporting their bones. Elevated dog beds also provide a good night’s sleep. They will help them feel rested and refreshed. We would suggest buying separate beds for winter and summer. Consider a lighter and breathable mattress for your pet. For winter, consider a snugger and warmer nest. Heated dog beds are considered best for chilly nights. A cozy blanket that has your dog’s scent can help it relax. In case you are traveling with your pup, taking its bed with you will allow it to fall asleep faster and easier. An average dog sleeps for 12-14 hours a day. Choosing a bed is a crucial decision for every pet-owner because your dog will spend half the day lying on it. You need to make sure that your dog’s bed can withhold its weight and size.

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