Cats are naturally curious creatures. They love to climb trees and branches. You will be surprised to know that indoor cats are no exception. That is why Birdiology suggests cat trees and condos to provide just that. You will find various-sized cat trees on our website. Choose the one that will not look odd with the rest of your house. We also have modern cat trees and furniture that will complement your interior. Cats survey their territory. They require vertical objects for it. It is a perfect opportunity for your cat to play, climb and scratch. While looking for the appropriate cat tree, keep your cat’s size in mind. The perches of the cat tree should be able to withstand your cat’s weight. Your feline friend’s comfort should be your top priority. However, Cat condos can be a little larger than cat trees. They often include a small covered house for your cat. Another interesting habit of cats is to scratch. Dear cat-owners, before your beloved furniture and curtains, get sacrificed, invest in a scratching wooden post. Cats have a natural urge to scratch to remove old material from their claws. It is the most suitable place for your cat to fulfill its feline desire.

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