Providing your guinea pigs with the best supplies plays a crucial role in keeping them happy, healthy, and comfortable. You can get the best guinea pig supplies from our online pet store, Birdiology. We have an exceptional selection of some of the most suitable habitats for your little piggies. Guinea pigs require a home with sufficient ventilation, a deep and sturdy base, and wires close together to leave no room to escape. It is preferable to get a single-story guinea pig cage that is not that high because the little guys don’t like heights. But they love to dig and burrow, which is why the base needs to be profound, and the guinea pig bedding should be adequate in quantity. It should also be soft to the piggy’s sensitive feet, odorless, and absorbent. Make sure to have an ample amount of good quality hay available at all times, some fruits, veggies, and guinea pig food. Also, be sure to provide your little pal with enough hiding places for personal space and some guinea pig toys to keep him busy and entertained. Check out Birdiology for various other guinea pig accessories like guinea pig treats, harnesses, supplements, grooming supplies, and many more!

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