Birdiology is aware of one of the most uncomfortable tasks that a pet-owner has to do. Yes, we are talking about pet waste. More specifically, dog waste. Our online pet supplies store is available to make this displeasing task as easy as possible. To do this, we offer several products that you might need to potty-train your precious and innocent pups. Whether it is dog diapersdog poop bagspotty pads, you will find it all here with us. They will make your task 10x easier. We have them in a wide range of sizes and quantities based on your dog’s needs. Of course, potty training is not easy. Messes will be made often, and you will get agitated by the foul odor that will diffuse in your home’s environment. To take care of that, invest in our sprays and get rid of those smells before they take over your whole house. Our pet store collection of potty pads are designed with multiple layers to soak up your dog’s waste and protect your squeaky-clean floors. In a small matter of time, your dog will learn where to go to relieve itself. It will require your patience but, it is worth it in the end.

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