Getting a mouse, make sure you have everything the tiny rodent might need to live a healthy and happy life. Start with getting a chew-proof mouse cage with a sturdy base and wires less than a quarter-inch apart, so your pet doesn’t escape. Mice love climbing, so getting a mouse habitat with multiple levels would be best for the tiny rodents. Ensure the little guy’s comfort by choosing a soft mouse bedding, for example, aspen shavings. Get whole grain or pelleted mouse food from Birdiology to satisfy the nutritional needs of your rodent. Feed him fresh vegetables and fruits and provide mouse treats like sunflower seeds occasionally to keep the little guy happy. Serve him food and water in a cage-mounted bottle or bowl. Keeping a litter box will make changing the bedding less of a chore. Besides that, give your tiny rodent some mouse toys to play with, so he never gets bored, and some chew toys to keep his dental health in check. Try to get a mouse wheel and some round toys, so your pal gets enough running time to keep him healthy. Shop now at our online pet supplies store to get all kinds of quality mouse accessories and supplies.

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