Provide your pet rat with the best lifestyle possible by shopping for essentials at Birdiology. We have everything your rodent needs from rat cages to all the things required inside, like bedding, water and food supplies, litter and nesting boxes, toys, and many more. The ideal cage for a rat would be one with a strong base, ample space, multiple levels, and metal bars less than half an inch apart. We have various escape-proof designs well fit for your little buddy at our online pet store. Your burrow-loving rodent requires an adequate amount of bedding in their habitat. We offer excellent rat bedding that’s highly absorbent, odor-controlling, and breathable, so your pal is the most comfortable. To make the bedding last long, you can even train your pet to use a litter box, which can be made easy with rat treats. Provide enjoyable rat toys, so your buddy never experiences boredom. Find the finest, nutritionally, and taste-wise satisfying food for your rodent from our online shop. Adding a nesting box to your rat’s habitat will provide him with a feeling of comfort and security. Moreover, we even offer rat playpens so your pet can have some quality time outside the cage as well. Shop now for amazing deals on rat accessories at Birdiology.

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