Degus are highly intelligent, friendly, and energetic creatures that enjoy living together in pairs or larger quantities. They require proper care with the right supplies that you can find right here from Birdiology. Degu cages should have munch-proof cage walls and sufficient space for the little rodents to burrow and nest with ease. For degu food, we have pelleted meals formulated especially for your tiny rodent’s health and well-being. They also require an ample supply of hay to munch on at all times and an occasional provision of fresh fruits and veggies. Getting comfortable and non-toxic degu bedding is also essential for your tiny pals to have a cushion to their delicate feet. Putting in small hiding places for privacy will also help your rodents feel stress-free and comfortable. To reduce boredom for the little fellows, introduce some degu toys and chew toys for dental health. Being very active little creatures, placing a wheel inside their habitat would be a healthy addition as they would be getting more exercise. Moreover, add sand baths so your rodent stays clean, and a litter box would reduce the frequency with which you change their bedding. Shop now at our online pet store for the best degu supplies on the market.

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