Everyone is a fan of Cockatiels. They mimic speeches and whistles. Who does not want this beautiful Australian chirper? If you have one, consider yourself lucky! However, owning a cute and sweet pet does not solve all problems. These social animals require training and effort as well. 
They are known to be gentle but still need training. Birdiology is available with all Cockatiel supplies you might need. First of all, choosing a top-quality supplement and food is vital. Our products contain grains, dark-colored vegetables, and low-sugar fruits. We try to provide your feathery friend with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs. Your vet might suggest you invest in bird vitamins. If not fed properly, your pet can develop painful vitamin deficiencies. Also, to keep your birdy active, try installing perches and bird bungees from our online pet supplies store. Keeping it entertained with cockatiel toys is a great way to boost mental health. Birds have an instinct to chew and forage, so it is better to include something chewable in its cage. Speaking of cells, keep your beloved pet in a large cage. Cockatiels are generally playful and active. A small cage can suffocate them and negatively impact their mental health. Purchase roomy cages with a large space now from our pet store!

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