Parakeets are one of the most popular companion birds. Their loving and friendly personality makes them everybody’s favorite. They keep you entertained because they sometimes learn to speak as well. To take care of them, Birdiology has some essentials available for all parakeet lovers. The cage floor has to be lined with recycled paper bedding or sand sheets and replaced every other day. To ensure they consume a healthy diet, provide them with the most nutritious parakeet food: pellet blends and standard birdseed. However, birds do enjoy a change of taste every once in a while. So, do not forget to buy the tastiest bird treats for your beloved pet. You can also offer vegetables and sprouted seeds. Try placing a waterer inside their cage to keep them hydrated. When it comes to grooming, our pet store has provided a range of products and sprays manufactured for Parakeets only. It is advised to offer it a warm birdbath two or three times a week as birdbaths will help it get refreshed. They love to interact with their owners. Discuss what might best suit your chirper. Our online pet supplies store also offers healthcare products and bird supplements if your pet suffers from a deficiency or disease.

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