Are you looking to get quality food for your shelled friend? Well, look no further because Birdiology is the right place for all your pet’s nutritional requirements. Turtles and tortoises may look similar, but we know they are different in several ways. A tortoise spends most of its life on land and turtles in the water. So, according to their environment, their nutritional needs are different. A tortoise’s diet is mostly plant-based and requires vegetables and fruits with high calcium and fiber for proper bone and shell development and regular digestive function. However, a turtle’s diet should contain food rich in calcium, vitamin A and protein. These nutrients help turtles with proper growth, development, and healthy skin and often lack in the diets of those kept indoors. Keeping this in mind, our online pet store offers a range of turtle and tortoise food products available in the form of pellets, chunks, and sticks formulated on different types of turtles. Our food products provide balanced nutrition with appropriate vitamins and minerals to keep your friend healthy and active. Our range of tortoise and turtle food items includes wet food and dry food, available in line with their food habits, age, body type, and more. 

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