Birdiology would like to suggest getting a heads-up from your vet first if you want to feed your dog raw dog food. If you get a yes, our pet store can provide you with the best raw food for dogs. We have also included vet recommended dog food. If you notice your dog’s energy levels be down, try our nutritious meals to increase energy levels. As raw dog food requires more chewing and biting, it will take care of your dog’s oral health and prevent tartar buildup. Our natural dog food is packed with wholesome ingredients that improve your pup’s digestive health. It will result in a smaller and firmer stool. It is beneficial for you as well because it reduces the foul odor of your dog’s waste. Suppose you are tired of dog hair everywhere. Try investing in raw dog food when looking for a permanent solution to this problem. Not only will it make your dog’s coat shine but reduce hair fall as well because it provides your dog with all the nutrients it needs. It boosts the immune system, which decreases your trips to the vet. A robust immune system fights off diseases. This means your dog will not get sick often. Trust us to offer you the best dog food.

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