Ensure you have all that you need for your little friend with the variety of reptile accessories available at Birdiology. These include terrarium screen covers, screen cover clips, scoopers, etc., that both you and your pet can benefit from significantly. Our bedding or substrate scoopers have different shapes and sizes that come in handy for saving time with a job well done. Scoop up your reptile’s droppings with ease and leave it clean and tidy. We offer durability and low-maintenance with our easy-to-wash material for your convenience. Furthermore, screen covers play a significant role in ensuring your pet stays safe in its airy and well-humidified terrarium. Without these screen covers, your pet might be at risk of escaping and going in hiding for days from the stress of running. This stress could make him starve himself, and he will potentially be in danger from improper temperature. But worry no more! For we have the reptile supplies designed solely for your pet’s health and safety. Our screen covers allow a healthy flow of air to keep your cold-blooded creature comfortable. You can even get various screen cover clips to secure them in position. Check out our online pet shop for more reptile terrarium accessories.

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