Domesticating reptiles can deprive them of the natural nutrients they need for a healthy and long life. One of the major concerns that come with keeping them indoors is their limited exposure to sunlight. Just like humans, reptiles need UV rays from the sun to convert vitamin D into vitamin D3 to absorb calcium from their diet. For reptiles, having sufficient levels of calcium in their blood and bones is crucial to their health. Its deficiency could lead to diseases like hypocalcemia, which can make them lethargic, have muscle spasms, or even soft bones. More health issues in reptiles that stem from vitamin deficiencies include metabolic bone disease, ear infections, cloacitis, etc. For prevention against these diseases, it is crucial to keep their nutritional needs in check artificially, if not naturally. You can do so with the help of reptile vitamins and minerals. And that’s where we come in. Birdiology is an online pet store that provides the best reptile supplements to ensure your pet stays healthy and active. We have reptile products explicitly designed to meet every nutritional requirement your pet has. We make sure to maintain sufficient levels of all the necessary vitamins and minerals for your reptile’s health and wellness.

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