Reptiles may be considered as relatively low-maintenance animals since they don’t shed fur or excrete digested food as often as cats and dogs. However, close attention must still be paid to their cleanliness, especially since most reptiles are carriers of a harmful family of bacteria known as Salmonella. Keeping them and their habitat clean means keeping you and your pet safe and healthy. Proper cleaning and disinfectant equipment are required for this purpose, and having a cleaning kit would be more comfortable that must be kept separate from other household cleaning supplies. It is best to dispose of all organic and physical waste like bodily secretions and uneaten food regularly to prevent bacteria’s spread or growth. Before thoroughly cleaning your reptile’s home, secure your pet and reptile cage accessories somewhere and begin the cleaning process followed by disinfecting. Reptile cleaning products have varying targeted purposes depending on the cage’s size, the materials used for it, and the species of your reptile. Birdiology can help you find safe and effective cleaning products like reptile-safe glass cleanerreptile disinfectantreptile cleaning spray, and many more. Our products can leave your reptile and its home smelling fresh and odor-less while being clean and bacteria-free.

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