Before adding an amphibian member to your family, plan out a diet that meets its nutritional needs just as well as being in the wild would. Prepare some meaty insects for your carnivorous newt or frog. Newts may be aquatic or terrestrial, and their dietary requirements differ according to this. An aquatic newt may lean more towards live or frozen aquatic insects, bloodworms, or crustaceans like brine shrimp. However, a newt walking on land may have varying preferences like worms, slugs, insects, and invertebrates that can fit in their mouth. Keeping your pet’s distinctive food-related requirements in mind, we offer you nourishing newt food that your little amphibian can happily munch on. We can also provide your pet frog with all the healthy nutrients it needs to keep happily hopping. For an opportunistic eater, we make sure to only offer a diet rich in all the quality nutrients your froggy needs. Our frog food ranges from small to large insects, crustaceans like shrimps, and various worms, so your pet’s diet stays interesting. Shop now at our online pet store for more reptile supplies and nutritious reptile food that will help your pet lead a healthy and happy life.

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