Are you looking for llama and alpaca supplies? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got everything from llama feeding products to their health and cleaning supplies to help your pet live happily and healthily. Being slow eaters, alpacas and llamas have a small appetite and require nutritionally fulfilling meals for the limited times they prefer eating. Our alpaca and llama feeds are specially manufactured to be easily digested by the sensitive fellow while providing maximum nutrition. We have a variety that fulfills the requirements of every life stage of the camelid. High in the right nutrients and easy to digest, your ruminant will love the feed available at Birdiology. With that comes in handy, the feeding equipment. Make sure your camelid has plenty of water and food available at all times in their pails. They have a lot of dirt and tangles to deal with, being wooly animals. But worry not, for we have llama cleaning supplies to help you keep your pet nice, clean, and free of irritating bugs like flies, pests, mosquitos, and lice. Let us make your and your pet’s life easier by shopping from our online pet store. We have durability and low-maintenance to offer for you and your pet: health and happiness.

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