Researching before getting a pet is crucial so you can best take care of your amphibian friend. Domesticating a reptile means it can miss out on some natural nourishment, which is why it is vital to substitute those nutrients in its diet. Researching your pet’s nutritional requirements and finding the best food that meets them all is essential for its health. Lizard habitats, sizes, and species play a crucial role in figuring out what food items will keep their diet balanced. For example, relatively small lizards like anoles, leopard geckos, and long-tailed skinks are insectivores. Their reptile food mostly consists of small insects like crickets, mealworms, and waxworms. On the contrary, iguanas are herbivores, and their diet consists of fruits and vegetables. While in comparison, omnivorous lizards like bearded dragons and blue-tongued skinks enjoy all these things. Birdiology offers a variety of quality lizard food for every lizard owner. We have something for every type of lizard, something that can nourish them sufficiently and that they can enjoy as well. Our food excels in quality, is balanced in nutrition, and is a treat for your lizard in all perspectives. Shop now at our online pet store for the best reptile supplies and food items.

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