If you’re looking to fill your little crustacean pet’s tummy with some delicious and nutritious food, look no further because Birdiology has the best hermit crab food on the market! Being decapods with delicate exoskeletons, hermit crabs need sufficient amounts of calcium to maintain their skeleton’s integrity. Besides this, these crustaceans are omnivores which means they have an extensive food palette. They enjoy munching on green vegetables like spinach, lettuce, and broccoli heads, while also like the occasional non-citrus fruits like mangoes, bananas, and papayas. Animal proteins are a vital part of a hermit crab’s diet and can be obtained through crickets, shrimps, and mealworms. We offer all these things in a size small enough for your hermit crab to digest easily. Some other enjoyable food items for these scavengers include nuts, grains, and chia seeds and should be ground up to easily feed the tiny guy. Larger crabs can also eat hermit crab pellet food available at our online pet store. Your pet crustacean requires diversity in its diet and a change, now and then, to keep it going healthy. You can count on us to provide your tiny pet the nutrition he needs with our hermit crab food.

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