A fish-owner must be thinking, what is the best goldfish food for growth? Don’t worry. Our online fish store is here to help you. Try to vary your fish’s diet to maximize its health. A mixture of specialized flakes and granules makes one of the best goldfish food. It should contain a high carbohydrate level. Avoid overfeeding your fish, or else it can cause problems like a contaminated fish tank or indigestion. It is relatively easy to keep a pet goldfish because they feed at all levels and accept most foods. Smaller goldfish food pellets ensure that all fish receive their share of the food. The temperature should be maintained above 8 degrees Celsius because they are homoeothermic, which means they cannot digest food at lower temperatures. If you decide to give them freeze-dried food, it must be soaked first to avoid digestive upsets. Just like dogs and cats, fishes also require treats like boiled rice and peeled grapes. These treats are allowed only in small amounts as an occasional treat. Make sure to remove extra food from the aquarium to avoid rotting and soiling the tank. Try to offer food at the exact times each day. 

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