Conure bird personalities are as colorful as they are in real life. These playful fellows are highly social. Be ready to give 2 hours of your day to them daily. People get charmed by their inquisitive nature. Your beloved pet’s cage should be large enough for them to play, climb and stretch. No bird likes to feel suffocated. Conures will thank you for perches and swings inside their little house. To keep their mental health in check, make sure to interact with them as much as you can. To take care of their diet, include conure pellets and vegetables. Studies show that they make up 80% of this bird’s diet. It would be best if you rewarded your beloved pet with various bird treats from Birdiology. Waterers and feeders are a vital part of their cage. We offer multiple types of waterers and feeders that can facilitate your bord’s eating and drinking needs. They make a great family pet due to their outgoing and fun-loving personalities. Remember to place its cage in an active part of your house. Keeping a conure in isolation can only have detrimental effects on its mental health. Purchase Conure supplies from our online pet supplies store. Our pet store has everything to make your pet happy.

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