This white bird is known to be the most affectionate and friendly with its owners. These sensitive creatures are prone to self-mutilation that can lead to various infections. Cockatoos are pretty large. Large cages are the most suitable to fit their size. If confined to a small space, it can become irritated or agitated. They love space. A bigger cage will allow for more room for toys and perches. These feathery fellows love foraging. Their diet should include foods with textures that are chewable. Energetic birds like Cockatoos require fruits, vegetables, and nuts too. They cannot survive on bird seeds alone. If you are an owner with sensitive respiratory issues, install an air purifier as it will reduce the dust. It is better to surround them with many toys to play with because they are prone to pulling out their feathers if not given enough mental stimulation. Browse through our collection of interactive bird toys to avoid this problem. Ideal toys include puzzle toys, toys to shred, and wood toys. Many Cockatoos are known to love music. Shop now at Birdiology and provide your chirper the best quality of life. Cockatoos live longer if well-taken care of.

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