Before deciding on a cichlid fish food, every fish-owner needs to determine if their fish is herbivorous, carnivorous, or omnivorous. Each fish has a different diet, and you must cater to their needs. Most cichlids will eat well on prepared foods such as freeze-dried, flakes, and frozen foods. Spirulina Cichlid food pellets are ideal for herbivorous fish. Furthermore, feeding them foods in high pigment will maintain the vibrancy of their colors, predominantly yellow, red, or orange. Some additional units that you should be looking for are omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They help reduce inflammation and provide energy. In addition to that, they aid brain development and growth. Just like roughage, fiber is also vital in your fish’s diet. It is a digestive aid that slows down digestion, giving more time to absorb nutrients as food passes through. Studies have shown that high salt levels have been shown to increase the growth rate. Just like humans, fishes get bored of the same kind of food every day too. It is necessary to keep changing its diet to prevent mundane-ism. Trust our online fish store to provide you with everything your fish friends might require. 

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