Bottom feeders are fish that live and eat at the bottom of your fish tank. They prefer grabbing food from the bottom, such as algae and other plant materials, instead of eating from the surface or midwater. They help keep your aquarium cleaner that prevents rotting and soiling. Consider buying bottom feeder fish algae wafers. They provide all the nutrients your fish might need. You can also consider buying bottom feeder fish pellets. These fish food items are designed to sink to the bottom of the aquarium. Our bottom feeder fish foods contain concentrated algae centers, and some include shrimps as well. To strengthen your fish’s immune system, make sure the food you are feeding contains antioxidants and stabilized forms of Vitamin C. To give a balanced diet, consider mixing bottom feeder food offerings. It would be ideal if you kept in mind that fishes get bored of the same diet every day too. They need variety also. Birdiology is here to cater to every need of yours. Shop now before our high-quality products sell out. We aim to include the most trusted brands to our customers. Happy Shopping!

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