We know you are looking for the best betta fish food. You will be glad to see that you are at the right place! Our pet store is well aware of what to feed this beautiful fish. Flakes are one of the most popular betta fish food. Not only are they nutritious and healthy but also cheap. They should be included in your fish’s diet, but you should not only depend on them to provide your fish with all the minerals and vitamins your fishy friend requires. It should not be the primary food source, so you should look through other options available at our online fish store. Unlike flakes, Bella pellets are the most effective choice and can be used as a daily food source. They are high-quality as compared to chips. Bettas are carnivorous fish that require a lot of protein in their diet. A Betta’s diet needs to be high in protein in a fish tank because they need plenty of meat. They cannot survive on plant-based foods only. Live foods can be fed, such as brine shrimp and mosquito larvae, as they are high in crude protein. They are messy eaters, which means that uneaten food will sink to the bottom of the tank, which should be removed after your Betta has finished eating.

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