Bearded Dragon lizards are omnivorous, which means they have a comprehensive food palette. But they require certain levels of varied nutrients at different stages of their lives. Picking out varying lizard food items to provide a balanced diet is essential for its proper growth and development. It will help them lead a healthy and long life. They need insects, fruits, and vegetables throughout their life but the ratios of all these options vary with their age. At the baby stage, which is 4-5 months, they need more insects in their diet than fruits and vegetables for higher protein content. They need the energy they get from insects to keep up with their rapid growth. During the juvenile period, the vegetable part of their diet should increase in percentage and the insect part decrease, with a broader variety introduction. An adult’s activity level is not as high so, it doesn’t need as much protein and fat. It instead needs an even higher content in fruits and vegetables and needs to cut back on insects. Birdiology keeps all these things in view so your reptile can live its best life. Shop now at our online pet store for the best quality reptile foodreptile supplies, and other reptile products.

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