Testing your water in fish tanks is very important. It shows the PH level of water along with the level of some certain substances in the tank. All these components help understand the health of the water tank and help in making timely decisions regarding the habitat of your tank. Birdiology has few options for water test kits. Our aquarium water test strip is one of the most common ways of testing tank water. These strips help you majorly in understanding the PH level of your water. If the water PH is too acidic, you need to change the water as it may harm your tank’s fish, plants, and corals. We also offer digital aquarium kits and electronic water kits. These kits are modern inventions. The results derived from these kits tell you the PH and tell you the amount of ammonia, oxygen, and other essential chemicals in your tanks. This helps in maintaining the overall balance of the fish tank. If your fish tank lacks nitrogen, you can add few drops of fertilizers to solve the issue. So head over to us and grab your best freshwater aquarium test kit now.

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