Do you like plants floating in your fish tanks? They are lovely hiding and playing spots for fish. At the same time, live plants for fish tanks give a beautiful natural touch to your tank. But the most common concerns regarding these are how to keep the plant in an aquarium? For the aquarium plants care for beginners, try to give space to your plant. Plants need around 3cm of space to embed their roots in the tank. Use the water which is filtered, clean, and moderately alkaline. Acidic water is not suitable for the growth of plants. How much light plants in the tank is getting? Live plants in fish tanks should get enough light for a couple of hours to survive. Remember, plants also need nutrients. We have a lot of mild fertilizers, which you can add to your tanks through droplets. A couple of drops at the perfect time interval would provide plants with nitrogen and phosphorus. These nutrients would help the plants to stay healthy. If you see brown color frequently emerging in your tanks, it can be because of your plants. Plants are sensitive to water conditions. If your tank lacks something, plants will show symptoms of stress by releasing brown substances in water.

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