Whenever we talk about Algae, we are bombarded by several questions. Is Algae good for the fish? What causes the Algae in Fish Tank? How to stop the growth of Algae in my aquarium? Well, coming to the first question, algae is suitable for fish to a certain extent. Some fishes eat algae, and if it’s not a lot, it gives very natural green water in the fish tank, which looks reasonable. Secondly, Algae is caused by the imbalance of nutrients in a fish tank.
Additionally, if your fish tank has a good source of light, your algae in the tank will multiply, giving an ugly look to the aquarium. The third and most important question is: If you want to get rid of algae, install a sound filtration system in the water tank. Furthermore, birdiology provides water test kits. Use these kits to understand the number of nutrients in the water. Skip the meal every other day. It would allow the fish to eat those algae.
Last but not least, use water conditioners and change your water regularly. If you think about where you can get all these supplies, birdiology is just one step away. Visit our website and get all the necessary supplies to stop your algae growth.

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