Before getting a snake as a pet, you need to know what kind of prey it is used to eating in the wild so you can choose the best options for your carnivorous pet. Snake species consume animal prey for food to fulfill their nutritional needs and mostly prey on rodents. Snakes usually feed on mammals, reptiles, amphibians, scorpions, spiders, rats, and mice which may or may not be live, killed, or frozen. However, some snakes enjoy consuming snails, fish, and even eggs. Their preferences and nutritional requirements depend on what kind of snake they are. Some prey on warm-blooded animals like rodents, rabbits, and birds, while some eat insects and amphibians like frogs or toads. It would be better for your snake if its prey is dead or frozen. That way, it won’t serve as a dangerous risk to your pet if the target tries to injure it to escape. Shop now at our online pet supplies store for a wide variety of snake food items and reptile supplies for all the different kinds of snakes. We have high-quality frozen food for snakes that meets the nutritional needs of your scaly-skinned reptile. Moreover, our reptile food items also appeal to its taste buds to bless your pet with a healthy and active life.

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