When deciding what you will feed your Koi fish, make sure to consider their age, size, and season. It is believed that Koi fishes can eat anything that is allowed to goldfishes. Birdiology has the best koi fish food. It is preferred to feed your fish up to four times per day. Smaller koi fishes will need flake, whereas larger koi fish prefer pebble food. They eat more carbohydrate-rich foods in early spring and late fall, while protein is better in early summer. Our online fish store offers fish food that contains formulas that boast color enhancing. Some are fortified with vitamins and minerals. Koi are naturally omnivorous. That means they will eat anything from plants to algae, bugs, and even small fish. Being active fishes, they need to be fed often. For daily feedings, pellet fish food for Koi is ideal. Consider buying high protein Koi fish food with added Vitamin C for healthy growth and development. Our fish food moistens readily in water which results in better digestion and less waste. Feed the most suitable and well-balanced diet that is rich in essentials that are crucial to Koi fishes’ well-being. Buy now from Birdiology!

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