If you just bought a fish and are thinking, “what do fish eat,” you are at the right place. Birdiology wants to help you to decide the perfect diet for your fishes. High-quality aquarium fish food should include vitamins and micronutrients necessary for good health. The most common types of fish food are produced in flake, pellet, or tablet form. Like other pet foods, the fish food also comes in dry, frozen, and freeze-dried forms. Make sure that it includes amino acids, fats, and carbohydrates. Fishes being carnivorous animals, need more proteins compared to herbivorous animals. Before selecting fish food, find out if your fish is herbivorous, carnivorous, or omnivorous. Different types of foods are designed with floating and sinking particles to cater to the fishes that feed at different tank levels. You can also install automatic feeders that work off a timer if you are on vacation. Our pet store offers foods like whole meat that provide the required roughage and Vitamin E for Goldfish and Koi. Considering a Soybean meal will also be a good diet as it is a high protein source for fish. Frozen fish food is one of the best ways to deliver your fish the freshest food with many beneficial nutrients. It is a perfect way to feed fishes that are fussy or picky eaters. 

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