Tank water needs a balanced of seawater, especially if your fish spices are from the sea. It is essential to have balanced seawater for fish tanks as it provides the basis for your aquarium’s healthy habitat. But how much salt should you put in your aquarium? How often to add salt to your aquarium? Birdiology deals in different types of salt and minerals for fish tanks. If you add our API aquarium salt, you need to add only one tablespoon of API salt for every 5 gallons your tank holds. When you change the water, you need to add some minerals, which would provide nitrogen would keep the water alkaline, and more importantly, would help the plants and fish of the tank survive well. Our products usually contain instructions for the clients. Do read the product description before using it. We educate our customers before they make a purchase. To understand your little pet’s habitat and then use the minerals and salt in your fish tank. Our customer service is here to guide you throughout the journey. Feel free to hit us up before or after you make a purchase, and we would make sure to guide you as much as we can.

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